About me

Ashlyn Beasley

Ms. Hans

English 111-02

21 August 2015

Just a little bit about myself

Most people choose to judge a book by its cover before they get a good look of what is inside. Not me, I choose to be different. I like meeting new people to find out what their personalities and interests are. Most of my childhood I grew up in Greensboro until we moved out to Trinity when I was rising into the Fourth Grade. With that being said, I have learned to cope with different races, religions, and beliefs around me. I never was quick to judge and mock someone for who they intend to be. I believe in equality and forgiveness. My parents have struggled to provide the best for me and my twin sister. Transferring us out of Greensboro to Trinity was a positive move and it created the strong person who I am today.

I love helping anyone who needs it and enjoy making people laugh. I think that is what led me to have the desire to work in the medical field. I am really indecisive of what that particular job will be. I hope to discover that during my first year at Randolph Community College. This semester I have decided to start majoring in Medical Office Administration and work my way around to see what career I am most interested in. English and Writing has always been my worst subject. I chose to take this course, not only because it is required, but to enhance my writing, reading and comprehension skills. I manage to put forth all my effort in achieving my personal goals and making myself a better person inside and out.

I have always been independent in everything I choose to do. I have a part time job at Little Caesars, which I have been employed at for over a year. It is just a job to help get my life started. My boyfriend and I have recently moved into our first house, which is a fresh beginning of our own lives together. I am anxious to find out and start a working career that I will love and do for the rest of my life. I like to live life to the fullest in everything I do. No matter where my life takes me, my number one goal is to be happy.


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