Dear Sugar Letter

Dear Sugar,

I am writing to you, as a college student, to get some advice about a writing problem I have. The main problem I have with writing is, putting more details into my paper. I feel like I am stuck inside and cannot break through or cannot dig deep enough to find details to create a better story.

Since I cannot fulfill enough details into my paper as I want to, it causes me to repeat myself throughout the essay. I remember in middle school when I sat down to write a paper. I caught myself rewriting the same thing over and over again like I had run out of topics to talk about. On top of that, my paper was not even the length it was required to be. I could not brainstorm any more details together to make it more interesting. My mind was blank and tired, and my paper was boring and dry. Of course, it caused me to stress out and make me have that guilt feeling of making a bad grade on the paper.

Having a roadblock in writing reminds me of the sound of scratching nails on a chalkboard; annoying and terrifying. I am currently majoring in Medical Office Administration. Does this career have a lot of writing and documentations? If so, I am going to need to overcome this somehow. Maybe I could overcome this problem by practicing more? Like, writing one word and then creating a list underneath the word of all the possible things attached to it, or describing it. Or maybe even just writing more stories can help overcome the problem. I need to get my brain flowing more, I need to think outside of the box.

Is there an easier way? How can I stop repeating myself? How do I grab more detail to keep myself from sounding like a list? And the last question, How can I transition from topic to topic smoothly? I would love to hear back from you to see what your perspective is about my writing problem. If you have any answers to my questions, don’t hesitate to write back! I need a little upgrade on my writing skills. I heard you are the best person to ask advice from!


Ashlyn Beasley


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