I have a Twin Sister. My name is Ashlyn & Her name is Allison.


Wanted to list some features and differences between us:

  1. I am 6 Minutes older than Allison
  2. Allison was born at 11:11 p.m
  3. We both are redheads
  4. Allison has Size 6 gages
  5. My eyes are smaller than hers
  6. My chin and face is more narrow
  7. Allison’s teeth is more straighter
  8. I am more chill and laid back
  9. Allison is more blunt and talkative
  10. I like tea, Allison doesn’t
  11. Allison hates watermelon, I love it
  12. Allison is more interested in clothes and I am more in shoes
  13. We both work at pizza places but different ones
  14. Both in College, but different majors

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