Banana Pudding

For Thanksgiving, I decided to make banana pudding & I wanted to share the recipe with everyone: ______________________ (2) Large Packs Vanilla Pudding (3) Cups of Milk (16 oz) Sour Cream (16 oz) Whip Cream Bananas Vanilla Wafers ________________________ Mix Vanilla Pudding Packs, Milk, Sour Cream, and Whip Cream into a bowl. Then Pour and… Continue reading Banana Pudding


I have a Twin Sister. My name is Ashlyn & Her name is Allison. Wanted to list some features and differences between us: I am 6 Minutes older than Allison Allison was born at 11:11 p.m We both are redheads Allison has Size 6 gages My eyes are smaller than hers My chin and face… Continue reading Twin